Taste of nature

A unique gift from mother nature

Short introduction

Enjoya is a unique gift from mother nature, grown with love and passion. Every day the Enjoyagrowers give the peppers the very best care in the greenhouse. The gentle cultivation conditions give the peppers all the time they need to ripen slowly, resulting in a delicious aromatic flavour, a pleasant crispy bite and the very best quality.

Enjoya’s attractive unique appearance makes it a decorative product that will inspire any passionate food fan to use it in a creative way, for example to add a beautiful touch to a salad, or sliced into long strips for dipping in a mouth-watering sauce. But it will look best stuffed with creativity! Be creative andshare your ideas with us via Pinterest!

Enjoya not only looks good and tasty – it’s also bursting with vitamin C. Pure delight on your plate and super healthy to boot!

Enjoy her!

Nutrional values

Average nutrional values peppers per 100 grams


Kcal 26
Protein 1,0 g
Carohydrates 4,5 g
Fat 0 g
Saturated fat 0 g
Fibers 2,0 g


A 0,09 mg
B1 0,03 mg
B2 0,06 mg
B6 0,15 mg
B11 50 µg
C 150 mg
Béta-carotene 378 µg
Folate 30 µg


Sodium 10 mg
Potassium 350 mg
Calcium 20 mg
Phosphorus 5,0 mg
Iron 0,4 mg
Magnesium 10 mg
Copper 0,03 mg
Zinc 0,25 mg

Source: voedingswaardetabel.nl


Peppers originally came from the tropics, where there are many different naturally-occurring varieties. All peppers start off green, and they develop their colour as they ripen. The colour that develops depends on the variety.

Initially only yellow, green and red peppers were grown in the Netherlands. In the 1980s a plant with orange fruits was discovered in a greenhouse, and since then this colour has been grown too. This orange pepper occurred naturally, just as variations also occur naturally in the wild.

Now, 30 years later, nature has once again surprised us with a natural variation: the red/yellow striped pepper. In 2013, Wilfred van den Berg found this beautiful variety in his greenhouse in Est. Together with Enza Zaden, Vijverberg BV and 4Evergreen, in recent years we have researched the optimal way to cultivate this gorgeous pepper.

The pepper is now on the market under the name Enjoya. Try Enjoya and experience its attractive appearance and delicious taste!